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MIG 500

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Features & Benefits

  • Efficient and energy-saving equipment, good lap, fillet welds.
  • Small, light, flexible adjustment and convenient operation.
  • Designed for demanding industrial environment.
  • Weekly influenced by input voltage fluctuation.
  • Advance controlling technology, capable of presenting accurate welding parameters.
  • Wide adaptability of welding parameters, reliable performance.
  • Over-heat and Over-voltage protection.
  • Drooping characteristics, it can perform thick single wire welding (Beyond 3.0 mm).





Technical Parameter


 Model MIG 500
 Power voltage(v) 415
 Frequency(Hz) 50/60
 Rated input current(A) 38.2
 Rated input capacity(KVA) 27.5
 OCV(V) 68
 Current range(A) 50-500
 Voltage range(V) 16.5-39
  Duty cycle(%) 60
 Wire Diameter(mm) 0.8-1.6
 Efficiency 85%
 Power sector (COS) 0.92
 Insulation class IP 21S
 cooling Air
 Dimensions(L*B*H)(mm) 654*322*671
 Weight(Kg) 50


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